Tibit MicroPlugs address various markets

Virtual OLT (vOLT)

  • Tibit MicroPlug enables TELCO to deploy high capacity 10G PON directly from existing Ethernet switches
  • Elimination of PON application-specific hardware and making use of stranded Ethernet hardware lowers the cost of deployment by 60%
  • Saving of $80,000 in Central Office power and footprint for every PON chassis replaced
  • It allows for higher density PON access systems and integration with other SDN/NFV solutions
  • Tibit MicroPlug dramatically lowers the cost of deployment

Cable MSO
Distributed OLT

  • Splitting the PON MAC and optics from the rest of the OLT functions allows for remotely located PON Terminations (remote PONs)
  • Remote PONs are required when the customers are beyond the reach or fiber capacity of an OLT in the Head-end
  • An SFP transceiver with an integrated OLT MAC allows for small, modular, and low power Fiber Node solutions. It is cost effective for any PON or uplin port count
  • $15.6B TAM in US alone

Wireless Backhaul

  • Tibit Microplug enables Ethernet switch platform for Wireless Backhaul transport