Ciena has acquired Tibit Communications.

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Virtualizing The On Ramp To The Internet

The World’s Smartest SFP


About Tibit

Tibit Communications, Inc. is developing next-generation pluggable devices designed to virtualize the access network using industry leading Ethernet switching equipment. Network operators can create a new on ramp to the internet managed virtually from the cloud to the user.

Meet Our Team

Tibit Microplug

Tibit Communications provides a key component in the re-architecture of the central office into a data center. The small, low power, and low cost pluggable devices from Tibit allow high performance Ethernet switching systems in the market now and in the future to replace traditional access equipment. The initial product, the Tibit MicroPlug OLT, provides FTTx PON fiber access from Ethernet switches, routers, or almost any device with an Ethernet port. Tibit provides the MicroPlug OLT and a software solution to connect with industry leading Software Defined Networking SDN orchestrators.
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Constrained by Traditional Network Equipment

Broadband access service providers are faced with the daunting challenge of meeting the needs of the ever changing digital lifestyles of their customer base in a web scale environment. Service providers must meet the needs of this app-focused customer base with agility, elasticity and service velocity. Customers want more bandwidth at a lower price with more features delivered in shorter timeframes.

MicroPlug Solution

The Tibit MicroPlug Modules are key pieces of technology in the design of a next generation OLT. Tibit OLT modules can be used to create higher density or more flexible versions of today’s integrated solutions. Additionally, the Tibit OLT module can be used to create forward looking Virtual or Distributed OLT system solutions.

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Our Mission

Enable Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) and Software Defined Networking (SDN) by providing NFV-ready small, low-cost, low-power, outside plant capable interface modules for the Telco, MSO and Enterprise networks.



Tibit’s patented MicroPlug technology allows service providers to unlock the hardware-centric (traditional PON OLT) solutions in the network today and move to a more open framework of revenue-generating, cloud based open source software applications.



Game changing architecture with disruptive CAPEX access model



Variable pay as you grow model complements lower startup costs

Low Cost


Lower OPEX costs by standardizing on proven high volume data center switching equipment that can be used for multiple applications (lower space and power costs)

Service Velocity


Improved development cycles and innovation with Open Source software and third party application developers (shorter time to market with new features)



Agility to target microservices by region with the flexibility of deploying as many or few pluggable MicroOLT modules as needed in data center proven appliances




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